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  • The description natural nuts is another way of saying raw or uncooked nuts.

  • Batch roasted means the nuts are roasted in smaller batches to ensure even cooking.

  • Nuts naturally contain many nutrients that can benefit our wellbeing. Eating a handful (about 30g) of nuts every day is a common recommendation. Here’s a guide to how many nuts are in one handful, for each type of nut.

    • Almonds: 25
    • Cashews: 15
    • Hazelnuts: 20
    • Macadamias: 15
    • Pecans: 20
    • Walnuts: 12

    Different nuts contain different nutrients, so eating a mixture of nuts is best.

  • Nuts are a natural product grown and harvested like other produce. Some are grown in the wild, such as Brazil nuts, while others are farmed, like almonds. Being a natural product, the odd nut might not be perfect, that’s nature.

  • Nuts causing weight gain is a myth. Nuts naturally contain many nutrients and good fats, which keep you fuller for longer. 

  • Brazil nuts contain selenium, a nutrient that is often lacking in New Zealand soil. It’s recommended that we eat approximately two Brazil nuts a day for our daily selenium needs.

  • The Mediterranean diet has been commonly proven to be one of the best diets in the world from a health perspective. It includes eating lots of nuts!