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Healthy Snacking Made Easy

Nuts naturally give you a wide range of nutrients and are the key ingredient in our Deluxe Mix range. We roast, blend and pack our products into handy resealable pouches making them perfect for many situations: on-the-go snack, sharing, a pantry staple. 

We blend various ingredients with nuts - dried fruit, seeds, chocolate - to create delicious, convenient snacks. People like to vary how and when they eat nuts and we've created six options for you to choose from.

Wellbeing -  full of nuts, dried fruit and chunks of dark chocolate for just a little indulgence.

Cranberry - delicious batch roasted almonds and cashews combined with the tangy sweetness of cranberries.

Raw Power - raw nuts are in their simple, natural state. This mix of raw nuts is mixed with sunflower and pumpkin seeds giving you a great variety of textures and an overall naturally tasty and wholesome snack.

Body Fuel - best mix to fuel you up! Yummy batch roasted nuts with our unique baked nut & seed bites. Plus we've added a little dark chocolate to round off this blend.

Booster - blend of batch roasted and natural nuts with very smooth dark chocolate cranberries and yoghurt raisins.Tasty combination of flavours and good booster blend.

Very Berry - natural nuts, pumpkin seeds with blueberries and cranberries, known for their antioxidant content.

Available in leading supermarkets, our range may vary per store.